Third Edition of NERCC to be Held in Beijing this July


The French Centre for Research on Contemporary China (CEFC) will be co-organising the Third Edition of the New European Research on Contemporary China Conference along with the Sino-French Research Centre (CFC) and EURAXESS Links China, on July 4-6, 2016, at the Delegation of the European Union to China in Beijing. This conference aims to bring together doctoral candidates, post-doctoral researchers and recent PhDs based in China, either European nationals or affiliated with European research institutions, in order to produce an overview of the emerging problematics in Chinese studies. The focus of the conference is on contemporary China, in a multi-disciplinary social science perspective.


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NEW research publications


Séverine Arsène, "Internet Domain Names in China: Articulating Local Control with Global Connectivity," China Perspectives, No. 2015/4, pp. 25-34.

Séverine Arsène, "The Chinese ICT Development in Africa: Transparency, Sovereignty and Soft power," Cahiers des IFRE, No. 2, December 2015 (republication, original article: Georgetown University, 2012).

Zhenshan Yang, Ying Long, and Nicolas Douay, "Opportunities and Limitations of Big Data Applications to Human and Economic Geography: The State of the Art," Progress in Geography, Vol. 34, No. 4, 2015, pp. 410-417.

Nicolas Douay, "L'accession sociale à la propriété à Hong Kong : réversibilité d'une politique entre les mains de la "coalition de croissance"," Urbanités, 2015.

Nicolas Douay, "Aménagement de l'espace et mouvements sociaux urbains à Hong Kong," in Manuelle Franck & Thierry Sanjuan (eds), Territoires de l'urbain en Asie. Une nouvelle modernité ?, Paris, CNRS Éditions, 2015, pp. 207-219.

Eric Florence, "The Cultural Politics of Labour in Post-Socialist China: The Case of Subject-Formation and Identity Politics of Peasant Workers," in S. Bhattacharya and R. P. Behal, Vernacularity in Labour Politics, New Delhi, Tulika Books, 2016, pp. 102-132.

Chloé Froissart, "La Démocratie en Chine: une question d'équilibres," in J. M. Bouissou (ed.), La démocratie en Asie, Japon, Inde, Chine, Paris, Éditions Philippe Picquier, 2015, pp. 103-153.

Laurence Gobillon and Carine Milcent, "Evaluating the Effect of Ownership Status on Hospital Quality: The Key Factor for Hospital Performance," Annales d'Economie et Statistiques, forthcoming.



Featured publications


Sébastien Colin, La Chine, Puissance mondiale, Documentation photographique, No. 8108, Paris, La Documentation française, 2015, 66 pp.


the cefc IN THE MEDIA

Sébastien Colin, "Une puissance maritime mondiale ?", Interview in "Chine, puissance maritime," Special issue of Mappe, Paris, Éditions Ateliers Henry Dougier, March 2016.

Article based upon Sébastien Colin's "China and the China Seas" Seminar series: "En mer de Chine, le tournant de la militarisation," by Frédéric Lelièvre, Le Temps, 25 February 2016.

Stéphane Corcuff, "Dans les élections taiwanaises, la Chine se manifeste moins de manière directe," Le Monde, 16 January 2016.

Stéphane Corcuff, "La nation taiwanaise se construit sans la Chine," Libération, 26 January 2016.

Eric Florence, "Masculinités et migrations chinoises," La Vie des Idées, 14 May 2015.

Eric Florence, "Xi Jinping montre une volonté inégalée de contrôle du Parti depuis la fin de l'ère maoïste," Les Echos, 4 March 2016.

Book review of J. M. Bouissou, G. Delamotte, C. Froissart, and G. Verniers, La démocratie en Asie, Japon, Inde, Chine: "Démocratie importée et imparfaite en Asie," by François Bougon, Le Monde, 23 February 2016.


UPcoming events

Book Launch - Hong Kong

Migrant Labor in China, by Prof. Pun Ngai

Speaker: Pun Ngai (HK Polytechnic University)

Discussants: Jack Qiu (The Chinese University of Hong Kong)

Travis Kong (University of Hong Kong)

The discussion will be chaired by Eric Florence (CEFC)

Room Segalen, 25/F, Admiralty Centre, Tower 2, 18 Harcourt Road, Hong Kong (Admiralty MTR Station, exit A)




Conference - CFC Beijing
La pensée maoïste et les intellectuels, regards croisés entre la France et la Chine

Speakers: Arnaud Viviant

Cui Zhiyuan (Tsinghua University)

The debate will be chaired by Chloé Froissart (Director of CFC)

Tsinghua University, Xin Zhai Building, Room 353



30 31 oct

Podcasts of previous CEFC events

All podcasts of the events previously organised by the CEFC can be found on our website by browsing our podcast page.

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"The cultural politics of migrant labour in Postsocialist China: Dialectics of state and identity formation"
Chinese traders in Africa: Trapped in liminality


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Camille Liffran replaces Nathanel Amar as administrative and scientific assistant at CFC Beijing.