Permanent Call for Contributions

Dear readers, contributors, and friends,

As 2018 has started and the year of the dog is about to begin, the Editorial Committee of China Perspectives and the entire team of the CEFC would like to extend its best wishes to the journal readers, contributors, and friends.

A quarterly scientific journal, China Perspectives has been publishing recent and original research beyond disciplinary boundaries for more than two decades. As new years often bring new resolutions, we wanted to reiterate ours and remind our readers, contributors, and friends that China Perspectives welcomes outstanding contributions in the areas of politics, economics, social, and cultural developments in contemporary Mainland China, Hong Kong, Macao, and Taiwan.

Based and printed in Hong Kong, China Perspectives has been close to the field since 1995 and endeavors to publish groundbreaking academic work. The journal is open to any theoretical or methodological framework. It is endowed with an Editorial Board of internationally recognized experts in the social sciences. It is indexed in 9 international databases such as Emerging Sources Citation Index (Web of Science), JSTOR and SCOPUS, and is ranked by the French Council for the Evaluation of Research (HCERES) in Political Science, Sociology/Demography and Anthropology. China Perspectives is a bilingual journal, simultaneously published in French language as Perspectives chinoises. All articles written in one language are translated into the other; the content of both versions is strictly identical.

Peer-reviewed research articles

Research articles should be no longer than 8,000 words long and submitted by email to or directly on the website. The journal only accepts original submissions, which are not being reviewed by another journal. Authors are invited to read our ethical policy as well as our writing instructions. The editorial committee judges if the manuscript fits in the scope of the journal. All submissions are blindly reviewed by two anonymous external referees. The review process is usually completed within six months.

Research articles can be published in two different sections.

  • The Special Feature section introduces an important China-related issue studied through a collection of research articles. Interested scholars are welcome to submit a convincing concept note to the editorial committee. They can launch a call for papers or personally collect the abstracts of their contributors, for example after a conference or a workshop (for more information, see our Guest Editors' Guide). Individual authors are invited to regularly look at our website for thematic "calls for papers". The diversity of themes and approaches covered in our past issues help understand complex dimensions of Chinese society, economy and politics.
  • Research articles can also be submitted as individual articles focusing on any aspect of contemporary China. For this type of manuscript, there is no expected deadline; the submissions are reviewed in a continuous process. Once an article is accepted for publication, it is scheduled for one of the next coming issues.

Current Affairs articles and Book Reviews reviewed by the editorial committee

Using a variety of approaches, China Perspectives is reactive to current events while maintaining the distance necessary to academic research. The journal thus invites scholars to send contributions of 4,000 words to the Current Affairs section, highlighting recent trends in Chinese society. The journal also welcomes authors to write in the Book Reviews section, introducing recent publications in 1,000 words essays or in longer review essays of important works tracking the latest developments in academic research.

If you are interested in contributing to our Current Affairs or Book Reviews section, please send an enquiry to our Editorial Manager (

Yours sincerely,

China Perspectives' Editorial Committee


Mobility grant for doctoral research on contemporary China: 

In April 2018, the CEFC will award one six-month PhD scholarship (the fieldwork stay will start in September or October 2018). The scholarship comprises a monthly stipend of 1200 Euros.

Eligibility and application requirement here.

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NEW research publications


Judith Audin, "Civic Duty, Moral Responsibility, and Reciprocity: An Ethnographic Study on Resident-volunteers in the Neighbourhoods of Beijing," China Perspectives 2017(3).

Sébastien Billioud (畢遊塞), "聖人與民眾:論當代中國的民間儒家復興",in 孫江,李里峰(編) 學衡名家講演錄,南京大學出版社,2017, 212-227.

Sébastien Colin et al. (eds), Images économiques du monde 2018, Paris, Armand Colin, 2017.
Sébastien Colin (avec Nicolas Balaresque, Michel Bruneau, Jean-Yves Piboubès, Rémi Scoccimarro et Anne Viguier), Géopolitique de l'Asie, Paris, Nathan, 2017.
Françoise Kreissler et Sébastien Colin (eds.), La France et la République populaire de Chine : contextes et répercussions de la normalisation diplomatique (1949-1972), Paris, L'Harmattan, 2017.

Éric Florence, "Demandes sociales, gouvernance et médiation intellectuelle en Chine post-maoïste," Tracés, Hors série (Traduire et introduire les sciences sociales d'Asie orientale), 2017, p. 159-167.

Chloé Froissart, "Negotiating authoritarianism and its limits: worker-led collective bargaining in Guangdong province," China Information, published online in November 2017 DOI: 10.1177/0920203X17743126 
Chloé Froissart, "Changing Patterns of Chinese Civil Society: Comparing the Hu-Wen and the Xi Jinping Eras", in Willy Wo-Lap Lam (ed.), Routledge Handbook of the Chinese Communist Party, London, Routledge, 2017, p.352-371.

Sandra Poncet, Zhao Chen and Ruixiang Xiong, "Sector relatedness and industrial policy's efficiency: Evidence from China's Export Processing Zones," Journal of Comparative Economics, forthcoming.
Sandra Poncet and Meina Xu, "Quality Screening and Trade Intermediaries: Evidence from China," Review of International Economics, forthcoming.


the cefc IN THE MEDIA

Sébastien Colin (Interview), "Les ambiguïtés de Pékin face à Pyongyang," Le Monde, 21 septembre 2017.
Sébastien Colin (Interview), "Inquiète, la Chine tente de jouer les médiateurs entre la Corée du Nord et les Etats-Unis," Le Figaro, 9 août 2017.
Sébastien Colin (Interview),"'Nouvelles routes de la soie' : les ambitions planétaires de Xi Jinping", Le Monde, 4 août 2017. 

Éric Florence (Interview), "Interview sur la situation politique en Chine en vue du 19e Congrès du PCC," Le Figaro, 18 octobre 2017.
Éric Florence (Interview), "A Pékin, 'il y a une volonté de faire place nette'," Le Monde, 12 décembre 2017.

Chloé Froissart (Interview), "En Chine, La ligne rouge du virage vert," Le Monde Diplomatique no 760, juillet 2017.
Chloé Froissart (Interview), "Reportage International : Chine: vivre avec la censure," RFI, 24 octobre 2017
Chloé Froissart (Interview), "Le Parti communiste chinois fait la chasse au petit peuple," Le Monde, 13 décembre.

UPcoming events

Seminar - Rising Inequality in China and Globally
Highlights from World Inequality Report 2018
(in English)

Speakers: Lucas Chancel, Co-Director of the World Inequality Lab
and of at the Paris Scool of Economics (PSE),
and Yang Li, postdoctoral researcher at the Paris School of Economics and research fellow at World Wealth and Income Database (WID).

l Room 3301 (Lifts 17-18)
Academic Building, HKUST Campus

  12:00 noon - 1:30 pm


Seminar - Chinese Protestants
and their 10,000 objects:

Reconsidering the Study of Protestantism
in Contemporary China
(in English)

Speakers: Michel Chambon

l Academia Sinica, Research Center for Humanities and Social sciences, Room B202

  2 – 4 pm




Seminar - Regimes of memory
and the elaboration of national memory:

Remembering the Party-state regime
(in English)

Speakers: Vladimir Stolojan

l Academia Sinica, Research Center for Humanities and Social sciences, Room B202

  2 – 4 pm




Seminar - La pollution de l'air à Taiwan:
La pétrochimie, les scooters ou la Chine?
(in French)

Speakers: Paul Jobin

l Academia Sinica, Research Center for Humanities and Social sciences, Room B202

  2 – 4 pm


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WELCOME TO & job opening


In September 2017, Judith Audin has joined the CEFC as Chief Editor of China Perspectives.

In September 2017, Sébastien Billoud has joined the CEFC as Director of the Taipei Office.

In September 2017, Jean-Charles Galli has joined the CEFC as Administrative and scientific assistant of the Beijing Office.