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NEW research publications


Stéphane Corcuff, "Les frontières de l'insularité taiwanaise. Étude géopolitique d'un cas de non-coïncidence entre frontières légales et frontières réelles," in Paul Bacot et Albane Geslin, Insularité et sécurité. La sécurité des îles en question, Bruylant, 2014, p. 227-264.

Chloé Froissart, "Using the Law as a 'Harmonious Weapon': The Ambiguities of Legal Activism in Favour of Migrant Workers in China," and guest-editor's introduction to special section "Civil Society Development in Authoritarian Regimes," "The Ambiguities between Contention and Political Participation: A Study of Civil Society Development in Authoritarian Regimes," Journal of Civil Society, 2014.

Sebastian Veg, "Testimony, History and Ethics: From the Memory of Jiabiangou Prison Camp to a Reappraisal of the Anti-Rightist Movement in Present-Day China," The China Quarterly, Vol. 218, June 2014, pp. 514-539.

Yinde Zhang, "Gao Xingjian Carefree: Of Mountains and Seas and Carefree as a Bird," in Michael Lackner, Nikola Chardonnens (eds), Freedom and Fate in Gao Xingjian's Writings, Berlin/Boston, De Gruyter, 2014, pp. 139-148.

Yinde Zhang, "The Shanghai School: Westernised Urbanity and Scriptural Mimesis," in Peng Hsiao-yen and Isabelle Rabut (eds), Modern China and West. Translation and Cultural Mediation, Leiden, Brill, 2014, pp. 249-267.



Featured publication


Several CEFC researchers contributed to a special issue on Hong Kong of the journal Critique, edited by Sebastian Veg.

Sebastian Veg, "Hong Kong prend le large," pp. 611-613 (full text).

Jean-Philippe Béja, "Hong Kong 1997-2014 : consolidation d'une identité politique," pp. 640-654.

Judith Pernin, "Le Hong Kong de Wong Kar-wai : espace, nostalgie et sentimentalité," pp. 655-669.

Chloé Froissart et Yi Xu, "Hong Kong et le delta de la rivière des Perles : liens économiques et activisme social," pp. 726-739.

More information on Critique No. 807-808.


the cefc IN THE MEDIA

Séverine Arsène, online chat with RTBF, "Faut-il avoir peur de la Chine ?", 5 June 2014.

Stéphane Corcuff, "La restructuration du monde chinois, le début ?" Editorial on Réseau Asie, August 2014.

Stéphane Corcuff, "Taiwan a-t-elle cessé d'être l'île rebelle ?", Diplomatie magazine, No. 68, May-June 2014, pp. 72-77.

Stéphane Corcuff, "Que se passe-t-il dans le détroit de Taiwan ?", Les grands dossiers de la Diplomatie, No. 20, April-May 2014, pp. 50-53.

Interview with Chloé Froissart, "Canton se rebelle," Le Monde, 23 May 2014.

Book reviews of Chloé Froissart’s La Chine et ses migrants:
- “En Chine, la longue marche des sans-papiers pour leurs droits,” by Carine Fouteau, published on Mé on August 1st, 2014.
- "Les clandestins de l'intérieur," by Catherine Wihtol de Wenden, published on La Vie des Idées on 23 April 2014.
- By Gilles Guiheux, published in Revue française de science politique, Vol. 64, No. 2, 2014, pp.341-342.

Sebastian Veg, "China's Political Spectrum under Xi Jinping," The Diplomat, 11 August 2014.

Sebastian Veg, A ChinaFile Conversation: "Zhou Yongkang's Downfall," ChinaFile, 31 July 2014.


UPcoming events

Seminar - Taipei

L'aspect géographique et politique dans les récits des voyages à Taiwan

Speaker: Lee Chao-ying (National Dong-hwa University)

Academia Sinica, Taipei



Book launch - Hong Kong
Presentation of Critique special issue,
"Hong Kong prend le large" (in French)

Speakers: Sebastian Veg (CEFC), Jean-Philippe Béja (CEFC)
and Judith Pernin

Parenthèse Bookstore, 2/F Duke of Wellington House, 14-24 Wellington Street, Central, Hong Kong



HKU & CEFC Workshop - Hong Kong
The Borders of Democracy: New Developments in Hong Kong-China and Taiwan-China Relations

Organisers: Richard W.X. Hu (HKU), Sebastian Veg (CEFC), and Samson Yuen (Oxford, CEFC).

The University of Hong Kong



Series of Conferences with
Michel Dobry (University Paris I)
- Beijing

Transitions démocratiques en Europe de l'Est

Institut Français de Chine, Beijing

14 October 2014

Sociologie des crises politiques

Tsinghua University, Beijing

15 October 2014

Les structures du système international

Tsinghua University, Beijing

17 October 2014


CEFC Workshop - Taipei
The Ordinary and the Extraordinary in Taiwan

Academia Sinica, RCHSS conference room 2B, Taipei, Taiwan

All day


Workshop - Beijing
Les travailleurs chinois pendant la Grande Guerre

Tsinghua University, Beijing


30 31 oct

Podcasts of previous CEFC events

All podcasts of the events previously organised by the CEFC can be found on our website by browsing our podcast page.

Last additions:

Issue Presentation of China Perspectives No.2014/2
Book Presentation: Born Out of Place


WELCOME TO & job opening

Sébastien Colin
replaces Aurore Merle as a researcher and Deputy Chief Editor of China Perspectives.
Carine Milcent joins the CEFC as a researcher posted by the CNRS
Jérôme Doyon (Sciences Po Paris) joins the CEFC as doctoral fellow
Chloé Froissart is now director of the CFC, the Beijing branch of the CEFC

Applications are open until 15 November 2014 for the position "Director of the CEFC (001516)" – starting date on 1st September 2015. More information on website.