Emerging China-India Cross-Cultural Interactions and Their Implications for Asia



Date: 3 September 2010, Friday
Venue:The Reading Room, Room G-4, Tang Chi Ngong Building,HKU


A one-day international conference co-organised by the Hong Kong Institute for the Humanities and Social Sciences (inc. the Centre of Asian Studies), at The University of Hong Kong and the French Centre for Research on Contemporary China (CEFC, Hong Kong)

A great deal has been written and debated on the competitive and almost simultaneous rise of both India and China in the 21st century. Academic debates in Asia – or more evidently in the West – have indeed tended to follow the trends of diplomatic and popular perceptions of a growing (and confusing) Sino-Indian rivalry gradually taking shape. Theoretical and empirical scientific studies have thus to a great extent focused on the global political, security and economic implications of rising China-India interactions, rather than on the way they are studied, understood, perceived and interpreted in China and India.

The conference will seek to fill this gap and understand the way China and India – their States, elites, academe and societies – perceive each other, according to which historical legacies, cultural or religious background and political agendas, in order to understand the impact these mutual perceptions have on the global Sino-Indian contemporary relationship as well as on Asia. Gathering international scholars specialised on Sino-Indian studies, the one-day event intends to foster international discussions on the approaches chosen by India and China to manage their fundamental differences by building up new cross-cultural or religious bridges and educational/academic exchanges.

The conference will be concluded by a keynote speech by Ambassador (rtd) Salman Haidar, former Indian Foreign Secretary (1995-97) and India’s Ambassador to China (1991-94).

The conference will be open to the public.  If you are able to join us,
please return the completed registration form by 1 September 2010.

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