Postgraduate Workshop on the Chinese Overseas, 14t May 2010


Postgraduate Workshop on the Chinese Overseas
14th May, 2010

Call for Papers


Chinese Diasporas have brought to the global age many new facets, unique features, limits and problems. This workshop serves as a forum for young academics in Hong Kong and Taiwan to explore a wide range of topics linked to the Chinese Diasporas. Our aim is to promote academic exchange about the Chinese Overseas among Hong Kong and Taiwan scholars, and to provide a multi-disciplinary platform from which to examine recent developments in various research agendas related to Chinese Diasporas. We hope to produce a synergy among Hong Kong and Taiwan scholars working on a broad range of fields relevant to the study of Chinese Overseas. Going beyond standard teaching and research routines, we hope to provide our participants with valuable opportunities to explore research topics for possible future collaboration. A post-workshop discussion forum will be aimed at broadening the participants’ perspectives, fostering continuing communication on current issues related to the Chinese Overseas, and strengthening long-term ties among participants.

Workshop Description

Research Areas
Areas of interest for the workshop include all subjects and disciplines related to the study of Chinese Overseas, such as social studies, religion, history, geography, literature, language and culture, transnational migration, and education.
Time and Place
Date: 14th May, 2010 (Friday)
Venue: Hong Kong Institute for the Humanities and Social Sciences (inc. the Centre of Asian Studies), The University of Hong Kong
Accommodation: Robert Black College, The University of Hong Kong

Academic Organizers
a.     Chinese Overseas Education and Studies Program, Graduate Institute of Teaching Chinese as a Second Language, National Taiwan Normal University;
b.    Department of Geography, National Taiwan Normal University;
c.     Department of History and Geography, Taipei Municipal University of Education;
d.     Hong Kong Institute for the Humanities and Social Sciences (inc. the Centre of Asian Studies), The University of Hong Kong;

Eligibility and Participation

The workshop is open to postgraduate students of any discipline whose work is related to or could benefit from the study of Chinese Overseas. For all participants outside Hong Kong, the workshop will provide them two nights of local accommodation; they will be responsible for their own travelling expenses.
Submission Guidelines

Important Dates
a.    Abstract Submission Deadline: 28th February, 2010
b.    Notification of Acceptance: 15th March, 2010
c.    Paper Submission Deadline: 30th April, 2010
Paper Submission
a.        Each participant must provide an abstract of not more than 500 words in Chinese and/or English[3] <#_ftn3> . The abstract page should include the paper title, the author’s full name and academic affiliation, the paper abstract and a list of keywords;
b.    The full paper must be between 10,000 and 15,000 words in length (not including the bibliography);
a.    All papers should be submitted in MS-Word format, using 12-point font (PMingLiu (新細明體) for submissions in Chinese and Times New Roman for English);
b.        The first page of the paper must include the abstracts and a keywords section;
c.        Page numbering should begin on the first page of the paper itself (not including title page); page numbers should be placed at the bottom centre of each page.

Peer Review and Acceptance Policies
a.     Papers submitted to the workshop will be anonymously peer-reviewed by the program academic committee, which comprises scholars with academic merit in relevant research areas;
b.     The organizing committee has the right to publish the accepted abstracts and papers during or after the workshop;
c.     The workshop does not accept previously published articles or post-conference papers.
a.     A souvenir and a certificate of participation will be presented to each workshop participant;
b.     Papers presented at the workshop will be published online.

Contacts and Enquiries
Hong Kong Institute for the Humanities and Social Sciences (inc. the Centre of Asian Studies), The University of Hong Kong
Tel. No.: (852) 2859 2460
Contact Person: Dr Louella Cheng












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