Sunflowers in the Streets: A personal journey documenting the movement

 07/21/2017 / 07/21/2017

 Academia Sinica, Research Center for Humanities and Social sciences, Conference Room 2

The event will be  in English

Tobie Openshaw often witnessed and covered violent protests in his home country of South Africa, so when the non-violent Sunflower movement was born, he recognized history in the making. Over the ensuing days he filmed the events for several international news outlets, but also often just went to visit and drink in the atmosphere. He was there when the Executive Yuan was occupied, and when pro-China activists clashed with peaceful protesters. He spoke to activists inside and outside the Legislative Yuan, and shot interviews with both President Ma and the “White Wolf” Chang An-Le. This talk, illustrated with photos and video clips, will be a personal and emotional account of a journalist and long-time Taiwan resident, his experience of a movement that forever changed the path of Taiwanese politics. The seminar will be introduced by Stéphane Corcuff, director of CEFC Taipei.

Tobie Openshaw Sunflowers 1

Tobie Openshaw Sunflowers 2

Tobie Openshaw Sunflowers 3Photo credit: Tobie Openshaw


Tobie Openshaw is a South African-born filmmaker living in Taiwan for 18 years. His work has been seen on documentary channels such as National Geographic, Discovery, and Al Jazeera. Tobie is particularly committed to telling the stories of Taiwan’s indigenous people, with several documentary and other projects in the works.

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