The Power of Saying “Sorry”: One year after the apology to Taiwan’s indigenous peoples

 08/25/2017 / 08/25/2017

 Academia Sinica, Research Center for Humanities and Social sciences, Conference Room 2

The event will be  in English

In 2016, Taiwan president Tsai Ing-wen offered a comprehensive apology to the island’s indigenous people, for injustices suffered under past regimes. Months before this historic event, Tobie Openshaw started collecting various voices – hearing people’s hopes, wishes, and in many cases deep skepticism, about the apology. Tobie’s film includes voices from people in the street, people in the mountains, politicians, academics, indigenous leaders from other countries, and passionate protesters and activists. This film is a work in progress, and Tobie’s talk will feature photos and video clips that chart the process of telling the story of Taiwanese indigenous spirit, while not shying away from the inevitable problems and controversy. The screening and debate will be introduced by Stéphane Corcuff, director of CEFC Taipei.


Tobie Openshaw Indigenous ApologyPhoto credit: Tobie Openshaw


Tobie Openshaw is a South African-born filmmaker living in Taiwan for 18 years. His work has been seen on documentary channels such as National Geographic, Discovery, and Al Jazeera. Tobie is particularly committed to telling the stories of Taiwan’s indigenous people, with several documentary and other projects in the works.


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