• Kjeld Erik Brødsgaard and Mads Kirkebæk eds, China and Denmark—Relations Since 1674, and Christopher Bo Bramsen, Peace and Friendship. Denmark’s Official Relations with China. 1674-2000

    The collection edited by Kjeld Erik Brodsgaard and Mads Kirkebaek is based on Danish and Chinese sources (1) and aims at providing on overall survey…

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  • Die Chinapolitik Deutschlands und Frankreichs zwischen Außenwirtschaftsförderung und Menschenrechtsorientierung (1989 bis 1997). Auf der Suche nach Balance, by Christoph Neßhöver

    Neßhöver book is a precise, detailed and clear description of Germany and France’s China policy during the 1990s, faced with the new international order created…

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