• Adam Yuet Chau, Miraculous Response: Doing Popular Religion in Contemporary China

    Adam Chau’s work has resonated widely among English-speaking Sinologists following the publication of his book, Miraculous Responses – Doing Popular Religion in Contemporary China. Chau,…

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  • Thomas David Dubois, The Sacred Village. Social Change and Religious Life in Rural North China

    Examining the varied expressions of religious life in a rural district of North China, the historian Thomas David Dubois, in The Sacred Village, gives us…

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  • The Three Gorges Dam Project—Religious Practices and Heritage Conservation A study of cultural remains and local popular religion in the xian of Yunyang (municipality of Chongqing)

    The subject of much media attention, the new dam at Yichang in the western part of Hubei province is of great and varied consequence for…

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