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Perspectives chinoises has been officially recognized by the French Agency for the evaluation of scientific research (AERES) as an authoritative academic journal in both political sciences and sociology/demography.


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Internet Feature

Internet Feature

Internet Feature 2010/1


CEFC and Hong Kong International Film Festival seminars:

2010: Filming on the margins, 2-3 April 2010 (audio file)

2009: Between public and private : a space for independent Chinese cinema (audio file)

2008: Deconstructing history in Chinese documentaries (audio file)


Article by Valerie Jaffee published in Senses of Cinema (May 2004): “Bringing the World to the Nation : Jia Zhangke and the Legitimation of Chinese Underground Film”

Article by Stephen Teo published in Senses of Cinema (June 2001): “Cinema with an Accent – Interview of Jia Zhangke, director of Platform”

An interview of Jia Zhangke by Andrew Chan published in Film Comment (March/April 2009): “Moving with the Times” by Andrew Chan, March/April 2009

Review of Jia Zhangke's "Still Life" by Shelly Kraicer in Cinema Scope: “Chinese Wasteland : Jia Zhangke’s Still Life”

Article by Sandra Shih published on (November 17, 2006): “TIDF documents 129 versions of reality” by Sandra Shih,

“Jia Zhangke de shijie yu Zhongguo de da zhuangxing” originally published in Renwen yu shehui

“DV shi ziyou de – Jia Zhangke tan shuzi shidai de dianying”

“Jia Zhangke kaifang shijie” by Huang Jing, 6 April 2006



  • Documentaries in China + other Chinese filmmakers

Article by Shelly Kraicer published in Cinema Scope: “Lost in Time, Lost in Space : Beijing Film Culture in 2004” by Shelly Kraicer

Article by  Charles Leary published in Senses of Cinema: "Performing the Documentary, or Making It To the Other Bank” by Charles Leary 

Article by Jie Li published in Jump Cut: A Review of Contemporary Media Jump Cut, No. 50, spring 2008: “Wang Bing’s West of the Tracks – Salvaging the Rubble of Utopia”

Working paper by Luke Robinson intitled “Contingency and Events in China’s new Documentary”

Article by Berenice Reynaud published in Senses of Cinema: “Dancing with Myself, Dancing with my Camera : The Emotional Vagabonds of China’s New Documentary”


  • Zhao Liang’s ‘Crime and Punishment’ and ‘Petition’

“Review of Crime and Punishment” by Robert Koehler in Variety, May 12, 2008

Human Rights Watch Report : “We Could Disappear At Any Time”, December 7, 2005 This 89-page report is the first in-depth look at the treatment of Chinese citizens who travel to Beijing to demand approval of or answers to their complaints of mistreatment by officials. Research was carried out in China. Petitioners, many of them rural people with minimal education or resources, often come to Beijing fleeing local violence and seeking a venue of last resort. Yet while they wait for their petitions to be addressed in Beijing, many are ambushed by groups of plainclothes security officers on the street, beaten, and kidnapped. Many are taken back to their home provinces, imprisoned, and even tortured. A few petitioners who spoke to Human Rights Watch had lost the use of limbs due to torture in detention. The perpetrators of these abuses are usually government employees or agents who act with impunity.

(About Petition : Interview with Fanhall Films”) Zhao Liang, “Guanyu shangfang : Xiangxiangwang zhuanfang” (archive of old e-mails)


  • Ai Xiaoming

Presentation of Ai Xiaoming documentary about the protests at Taishi Province published on China Digital TImes (29 April 2009).

Presentation of Ai Xiaoming’s activist documentary work on 

  • Independent film festivals and screening spaces in China

Acting as a platform for multilateral communications among mainstream media, independent filmmakers, academic institutions, DV amateurs and the general public, Yunfest Film Festival aims at the reach of documentaries made in China and the dissemination of alternative education of documentary filmmaking in China and GMS countries. All YUNFEST participants, especially the young filmmakers will be offered with body-present learning experience and be channeled into personal exchanges with other filmmakers .

Iberia Contemporary Art Centre is editing the publications related to Chinese independent film. At the same time it’s also devoted to develop international film exchange projects along with the promotion of Chinese Independent Film. I

Caochangdi Workstation is a Beijing independent art space involving performance art, documentary film/video, and video art. It was founded by filmmaker Wu Wenguang and choreographer Wen Hui in April, 2005. Its existence was made possible through the support of Beijing Storm; Kampnagel in Hamburg; Zuercher Theater Spektakel in Zurich; Borneoco in the Netherlands; Asian Culture Council in the United States; and many friends and supporters both at home and abroad.

China Independent film festival (Nanjing) programmed more than 70 independent films for its 6th edition.

Fanhall is  a multi-faceted indie film support organization based in Beijing.

「我在中国」(Co- China)之八:对话艾未未文字稿

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  •  Website is an English-language website promoting China's film industry. For more information, click here.

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