Library catalogue CEFC Hong Kong

– A collection of classic  social science books in the field of contemporary China studies (PRC, Hong Kong, and Macao) in French, English, and Chinese.

1. Academic books in contemporary China studies

2. Important primary sources (Authoritative autobiography and biography, memoirs, prose collections)

3. French academic books on contemporary China

4. Dictionaries and sourcebooks

5. HK Collection (academic reference books and important primary sources)

6. China watching (selected publications)

– A collection of 40 different journals and magazines, mostly in English and Chinese.

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Library catalogue CEFC Taipei

A collection of 600 articles on Taiwan, collected from the main Western and Taiwanese social sciences journals. All these articles are available in our office.

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Visiting scholars

The CEFC can help researchers and PhD candidates during their stay in Hong Kong or Taiwan:

– by giving them access to our libraries (see above)

– by suggesting contact names of local specialist in China studies

– visitors should consult the catalogs of local university libraries:

HKALL is a catalog centralising all the university libraries based in Hong Kong. Local libraries are usually accessible to visiting scholars with an introduction letter from their respective institutions (check the website of each library for more information).

Universities Service Center, located on the last floor of the library of CUHK, is a library specialised in the PRC since 1949 and owns a very rich collection of primary sources (local archives, statistical yearbooks, etc…) Access is entirely free.

– our partners page can be of use to identify local institutions.

– visitors may check online booking websites such as Ctrip, or Asia Expat for short term rentals.

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