J. Michael Cole

Taipei-based Senior Non-Resident Fellow at China Policy Institute, associate researcher at CEFC, editor in chief Thinking Taiwan.

M.A. War Studies Royal Military College of Canada, International Diploma in Humanitarian Assistance from CIHC, CX-77 (peacekeeping) Lester Pearson Peacekeeping Centre, B.A. English literature.

J. Michael Cole  was deputy news editor and a reporter at the Taipei Times from 2006-2013. Prior to moving to Taiwan in 2005, he was an intelligence officer for the Canadian Security Intelligence Service. He has been published in the Wall Street Journal, Christian Science Monitor, National Interest, Jane’s Defence Weekly, Jane’s Intelligence Review, Jane’s Intelligence Weekly, Jane’s Navy International, Jane’s International Defence Review, the Ottawa Citizen, China Brief, CounterPunch, FrontLine Security, Strategic Vision, Asia Today International, The News Lens and The Diplomat.

He was the 2012 recipient of the award for Outstanding Journalism from the Chen Wen-chen Memorial Foundation.He has appeared on BBC, CBC, VOA and Al-Jazeera.

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