The Confucian Revival in China

Forms and Meanings of Confucian Piety Today


Funding Chiang Ching-kuo Foundation

Budget 90 000 USD

Time frame 2009-2013

Principal investigator Sébastien Billioud, Associate Professor, Paris Diderot University; associate researcher, CEFC.


This research project, gathering 13 researchers from French, Chinese, Hongkongese, Taiwanese, Japanese and American institutions, aims at unveiling, on the field and during 4 years, the renewal of Confucianism in China. The project is structured around 5 main components: 1) the renewal of Confucian spiritual centres and individual practices; 2) Confucius in schools; 3) the renewal of official cults; 4) interactions between Buddhism and Confucianism; 5) the return of redemptive societies claiming Confucian inspiration.