Conversations with Chen Xitong


 Room LT-5, City University of Hong Kong,Tat Chee Avenue, Kowloon, Hong Kong

Speaker: Bao Pu (New Century Press)

Reservation & Contact: Heipo Leung
[email protected] / tel: 2876 6910


Bao Pu, a former Human Rights activist, is the publisher of Hong Kong’s New Century Press which published “Conversations with Chen Xitong”.


The publishing of “Conversations with Chen Xitong” in Hong Kong in anticipation of the 23rd anniversary of the June Fourth Tiananmen crackdown has generated considerable attention. For the first time, a former official who is widely believed to be responsible for the violence, has offered a personal account of the tragic event. Chen Xitong, who was mayor of Beijing in 1989, expressed regret for the hundreds of deaths, but felt he had more of the blame hoisted upon him than he deserved.

The presentation will try to put Chen Xitong’s claims into historical context, and answer questions such as:
• Is he telling the truth?
• How much was he to blame for the massacre of 1989?
• Was he a corrupt official?
• What insights do we get from this book about the power struggles within the CCP?


This seminar will be held in English.
Sebastian Veg, Director of the CEFC, will chair the session.
Snacks and drinks will be served after the seminar.
Seats are limited. Please confirm your attendance.