“China and the China Seas” Seminar No. 1: China-Japan Relations and Crisis Management in the East China Sea


 Hong Kong Baptist University, Administrative and Academic Building 7F, room AAB707


French Centre for Research on Contemporary China

Hong Kong Baptist University, Department of Government and International Studies

Supported by the Institut français and the Consulate General of France in Hong Kong & Macau




Seminar 1
China-Japan relations and crisis management in the East China Sea

After more than two years of interruption, negotiations of a crisis management mechanism to avoid incidents at sea and air collisions have resumed between the Chinese and Japanese ministries of Defense. There are reasons to be optimistic that an agreement might be within reach in 2015. In this year of 70th anniversary of the end of World War II, the outcome of the ongoing negotiations seems to hang more on the politics of history than on fundamental disagreements between the two militaries regarding technical and formal details. The presentation will analyze the risk of military incident in the East China Sea in light of recent developments (the purchase of the Diaoyu/Senkaku Islands by the Government of Japan, the establishment of an Air Defense Identification Zone by the Chinese government). It will then discuss what a crisis management mechanism might look like and whether it could help build greater strategic stability in China-Japan relations.


Dr. Mathieu Duchâtel (Senior Researcher at the Stockholm International Peace Research Institute and SIPRI’s Representative in Beijing since 2011)

The seminar was chaired and organised by Prof. Jean-Pierre Cabestan (HKBU) and Dr. Sébastien Colin (CEFC)


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