Recreating a Social Media-based Network Society: The Resistance of Chinese Couriers and the Regulation of Platform Capitalism

 01/18/2024 / 01/18/2024

 14:00pm - 17:00pm
 Room 2B, Research Center for Humanities and Social sciences, Academia Sinica, Taipei
Chloé Froissart (Professor of Political science, Inalco, Paris)

The French Centre for Research on Contemporary China (CEFC), Taipei Office organise the following conference:

Speaker: Chloé Froissart (Professor of Political science, Inalco, Paris)

Chloé Froissart (PhD, Sciences Po Paris) is Professor of Political Science at the Department of Chinese Studies of the National Institute for Oriental Languages and Civilizations (Inalco, Paris). She previously served as the Director of Tsinghua University Sino-French Centre in Social Sciences in Beijing, a Senior Researcher at the French Centre for Research on Contemporary China (CEFC) in Hong Kong, and an Associate Professor at the University of Rennes 2. She has worked for think tanks, development agencies, NGOs in France, UK,  USA and China. Her research interests relate to state-society relations in China – with a focus on collective actions, citizenship, labour and environmental politics – and the transformations of the Chinese regime.


Drawing from case studies, this presentation will analyse the features of the labour regime created by Chinese food delivery platforms and the characteristics of couriers’ resistance under this regime. While the power asymmetry between platforms and couriers creates a new form of capitalist exploitation that produces discontent, Chinese platforms’ multiple outsourcing control system has resulted in the extreme atomisation of delivery workers. Despite increased social control and online censorship, social media remains a space for tactical innovations allowing couriers to overcome atomisation and defend their rights. This talk will investigate how couriers use the Internet to recreate a collective and appeal to the public of consumers to build broader solidarity in an attempt to change the power asymmetry with the platform. I argue that, although courier protests do not produce changes in national law, they may change company rules.

This seminar will be held in English.
Corrado Neri, Director of the CEFC Taipei, will chair the session.

ON SITE & ONLINE ZOOM: https://reurl.cc/971ppO