Taipei Special Feature Launch – Sinophone Musical Worlds (1): Circulation of Sounds, Affects and Identities


 3:00 - 4:30pm
 Conference Room 2A, Research Center for Humanities and Social Sciences, Academia Sinica
Nathanel Amar

Sinophone Musical Worlds:

Circulation of Sounds, Affects and Identities

華語音樂世界 ── 聲音、感染與身份認同的流轉

CEFC Oct 30

The special feature of China Perspectives, “Sinophone Musical Worlds: Circulation of Sounds, Affects and Identities (Vol. 1)” offers the first comprehensive attempt to integrate music and Sinophone studies. By crisscrossing different disciplines, territories, and musical objects, this project helps us grasp the complex circulation of sounds, affects, and identities at work in the sinosphere today. This first volume features articles on Uyghur music, Cantonese sound, Chinese appropriation of Western classical music, popular TV shows and the genealogy of a new musical genre, “hanmai” (喊麦). This presentation will also be the occasion to talk about the recent developments in Hong Kong and the role of music during the protests.

Several articles are on open access on the CEFC website: here


Nathanel Amar 馬泰然, Researcher and Director, CEFC Taipei


CEFC Taipei 法國現代中國研究中心台北分部

The talk will be given in English. Registration is not required.


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