Book Launch Seminar: « Youth Cultures in China »


 4:00 - 5:30 pm
 Rm. 1118, 11/F, Yasumoto International Academic Park, CUHK
Jeroen de Kloet, Anthony Y.H. Fung

Organised by

The Centre for China Studies, Chinese University of Hong Kong

in collaboration with

The French Centre for Research on Contemporary China (CEFC)

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Jeroen de Kloet, Professor, Amsterdam Centre for Globalisations Studies (ACGS), University of Amsterdam

Anthony Y.H. Fung,  Professor and Director, the School of Journalism and Communications, CUHK


Eric Florence, CEFC Hong Kong

Minhua Ling, CUHK

In this fascinating book, Jeroen de Kloet and Anthony Y.H. Fung document the lives of Chinese youth and examine their experiences, how they are represented in the media, and their interactions with old and, especially, new media.  The authors explore the complex entanglements with family, school, workplace and the state, engaging with the multiplicity of Chinese youth cultures.  Their case studies includes, among others, the differences between migrant workers who move to Shenzhen to work in a factory and their affluent urban peers, and the romantic fantasies articulated by pop idols in TV dramas in contrast with young students working hard for their entrance exams and dream careers.

« Whats does it mean to be young in a country that is changing so fast?  What does it mean to be young in a place ruled by one Party, during a time of intense globalizations and exposure to different cultures?  »  These are some of the questions addressed in the volume and which will be discussed in this seminar.


Jeroen de Kloet, Anthony Y.H. Fung. Youth Cultures in China, Polity Press, 2016. 

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Free admission, the seminar will be held in English

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