Short-term fieldwork grant for doctoral and post-doctoral research on contemporary China – 2019 Campaign

– 2019 campaign –

The French Centre for Research on Contemporary China (CEFC) is offering two fieldwork grants for doctoral students, for a two-month period, to be carried out between May and December 2019 in China, Hong Kong or Taiwan. The grant comprises a monthly stipend of 1000 €, as well as a travel subsidy of 500€ between Europe and China, Hong Kong or Taiwan.


  • to be citizens of a member State of the European Union
  • to be currently enrolled as PhD candidates, or to have completed one’s PhD recently (within 1 year of completion of the PhD), in the field of the Social Sciences or Humanities at a French university or a university in a member State of the European Union, or an institution associated with the CEFC.
  • to reside in either Hong Kong, Taiwan or mainland China during the length of their scholarship.
  • to submit a research project relevant to the scientific mission of the CEFC, which is to study the political, economic, social and cultural developments in the contemporary Chinese world.

Within the framework of this grant, beneficiaries accept to:

  • Submit to the CEFC a short report on their fieldwork which may be included in the annual activity report of the Centre.
  • Present their research, at the end of their fieldwork, to the CEFC research team during a seminar in Hong Kong, Taipei or Beijing.

Application requirements

Applications can be submitted in French or English and must contain the following

  • A detailed resume
  • A research project explaining the fieldwork to be undertaken under the grant and explaining how it will contribute to the applicant’s doctoral project
  • A recommendation letter from the PhD supervisor

Selection will be made according to the following criteria, which should be addressed by applicants in their research project mentioned above:

  • Aims of the research and contribution to the dissertation project (please include the working title of the dissertation)
  • Methodology, sources, place of fieldwork investigation (where and how will the fieldwork be carried out?)
  • justification of the necessity of the requested grant to undertake the proposed fieldwork (please specify if this grant represents an additional source of funding and why the research is not covered under other sources)
  • Time frame (please specify for how long the grant is requested)
  • Results of the research (planned publications, etc.)

Application Closed.

Selected applicants will be informed in early May 2019.

Contact information: Tel. (852) 2876 6910 –[email protected]