Publication Notice – Public Participation and Social Governance Lectures from 2014 to 2017

FROISSART, Chloé, ed. 2018. Public Participation and Social Governance (公眾參與和社會治理), Lectures at Tsinghua University from 2014 to 2017. Beijing, Encyclopaedia of China Publishing House. 238 p.


Poster Public Participation and Social Governance Lectures from 2014 2017

Through the prism of major social issues to which France – just like China – is confronted today such as the access to the education for migrant children, the place of prostitutes in the society, the marginalization of the poor or the environmental crisis, this book offers a new view at the democratic experience in France, the challenges it faces and the way it seeks to renew itself. By focusing on the institutionalized and the non-institutionalized forms of participation, such as mobilization or the public participation in the development and the implementation of public policies, this book favours a dynamic and bottom-up approach to democracy, centred on actors’ initiatives and their ability to take action. The contributions gathered in this book, coming from seminars organized by the CFC in Tsinghua between 2014 and 2017, shed light on the way French researchers do social sciences, highlighting in particular the importance of empirical dimension and critical thinking, which are the source of the scientific innovation and the social change.

The book is written in Chinese.

Book review by Dr. Jia Xijing : Download (in Chinese)

Book introduction published in the CNRS in China: Download (in French)