19 October 2017

Keywords: China’s Good Samaritan Law, the Rap of China, shutdown of online LGBT forum, rising number of internet crimes, New Southbound Policy. Source: Caijing CHINA…

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28 September 2017

Keywords: Interpol, Whatsapp, Lee Hsien Loong’s visit, textbook for schoolgirls, Banners advocating for Hong Kong independence on university campuses, Lee Ming-che. Source: Sina News CHINA…

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09 August 2017

Keywords: Multi-level marketing, rental housing, bike-sharing service, central leadership, People’s Liberation Army, joint checkpoint in Hong Kong’s West Kowloon. CHINA – SOCIETY 1. Mass protests…

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20 July 2017

Keywords: Liu Xiaobo, central leadership, China-India conflict, mobile game, national education, Hong Kong’s Handover, Taiwan’s national education curriculum. CHINA – POLITICS 1. Death of Nobel…

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29 June 2017

Keywords: Anbang Insurance Group, Liu Xiaobo, Internet court, Hong Kong’s Handover. CHINA – FINANCE Chairman of China’s insurance giant under detention Since 14 June 2017,…

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