China and the China Seas Seminar Series

Project Coordinator Dr. Sébastien Colin

Organisers French Centre for Research on Contemporary China
Hong Kong Baptist University, Department of Government and International Studies

Funding CEFC, HKBU, Fonds d’Alembert of the Institut français, and General Consulate of France in Hong Kong & Macau

Time frame 04/2015-02/2016


Seminar No. 1: China-Japan Relations and Crisis Management in the East China Sea

Seminar No. 2: Strategies of China’s Maritime Actors in the South China Sea: A Coordinated Plan under the Leadership of the CCP?

Seminar No. 3: Sino-Vietnamese Cooperation in the Gulf of Tonkin

Seminar No. 4: Mechanisms and Models for Joint Resource Development in the South China Sea

Seminar No. 5: China’s Maritime Strategy: Will Beijing Seek to Challenge Western Naval Dominance on the High Seas?

Seminar No. 6: Developments in the South China Sea: Intensified Strategic Competition over an Internationalised Trouble Water

Workshop: U-Shaped Line, Maritime Silk Road, and Strategic Rivalry with the US