Benjamin Taunay


Email : [email protected]


Associate Professor – PhD Supervisor
Member of the Centre for the History of Societies, Sciences and Conflicts

Research fields

  • Being and Dwelling thought Tourism
  • Norms and Outsiders
  • China and world relations


2022: PhD Supervisor degree (University of Amiens – Picardie Jules Verne)
2012: Postdoctoral fellow in Geography (University of Angers)
2009: PhD in Geography (University of La Rochelle)

Position Held
2018 – 2022: Academic Attaché, French Embassy in Kuwait
Since 2013: Associate Professor, University of Angers
2012 – 2013: Visiting Scholar (Ningbo University)


Selected Publications

  • A. Boucher & B. Taunay, 2021, « Fragmented authoritarianism in action: An analysis of interaction between researcher and archivist in the People’s Republic of China », The Journal of the Archives and Records Association, vol. 43, n°1, p. 75-94.
  • B. Taunay & C. Guibert, 2021, Les Chinois à la plage en Chine, L’Harmattan, 174 p.
  • B. Taunay, 2019, « Geohistorical Analysis of Coastal Tourism in China (1841-2017), p. 78-90 in I. Yeoman & U. McMahon-Beattie (Dir.), The Future Past of Tourism, Channel View Publications, 336 p.
  • V. Coëffé, B. Taunay, C. Guibert, 2019, « Usages sociaux et spatialités du bronzage en Chine. Être dans la norme vs. Être à contre-norme », Espaces Temps.net, DOI : 10.26151/espacestemps.net-9468-vg57
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  • B. Taunay & L. Vacher, 2018, « Pratiques et organisation spatiale de la plage chinoise. L’exemple de Dadonghai à Sanya (île de Hainan, Chine) », M@ppemonde, DOI : https://doi.org/10.4000/mappemonde.389
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