Éric Sautedé

Associate Researcher


Email: [email protected]


Independent researcher and general manager at Chinexperts
Lecturer (Part-time) at the Chinese University of Hong Kong [School of Journalism and Communication] and Hong Kong Baptist University [European Studies program].

Research fields

– Labour issues in Asia;
– Political sociology and electoral politics in Hong Kong and Macao SARs;
– Politics in China and Taiwan;
– Development of the Internet and artificial intelligence in China.



1993 M. Phil. in Political Science (Diplôme d’Études Avancées), Paris Institute of Political Science (Sciences Po);
1992 M. A. in Political Science (Diplôme, major in international relations), Paris Institute of Political Science (Sciences Po);
1990 Bachelor of Arts in History, Paris I – Sorbonne

Positions Held

2017-2020 Development director at China Labour Bulletin (CLB, Hong Kong);
2007-2014 Research coordinator and lecturer in politics at the University of Saint Joseph (Macao);
2003-2007 Research fellow and chief editor of Chinese Cross Currents at the Macau Ricci Institute (MRI), Macao SAR;
1994-2003 Research Fellow (1994-1996), and Taipei (1996-1999), researcher and chief editor of China Perspectives (1999-2003) at the French Centre for Research on Contemporary China (CEFC), Hong Kong.


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In the media

Correspondent in East Asia for Planet Labor and Heidi.news
Regular contributions to Médiapart
Biweekly columnist (Kapok) for Macau Daily Times from 2012 to 2019 (all of the columns accessible at https://macaothoughts.blogspot.com/)
Numerous interviews and quotes, most recently in La Croix, Le Monde, Libération, Financial Times, France Culture, Radio Canada, RFI, France Inter, France 24, etc.