Stéphane Corcuff


Email : [email protected]


University of Lyon, Institute of Political Studies and Institute of Asian Studies

Research fields

– Identity politics in Taiwan
– Compared historical geopolitics of the Taiwan straits 17th-21th centuries
– Geopolitics of the Taiwan strait Contemporary developments and historical construction



2001-2004 Lecturer, Chinese language and culture, University of La Rochelle
2004 Associate research fellow, Fairbank Center, Harvard University
2005-2010 Associate Professor, Lyon Political Studies Institute and Researcher, Institute of East Asia
2010-2012 CNRS Researcher at CEFC and invited chair researcher, Chiaotung University
2012-2013 Associate Professor, Lyon Political Studies Institute and Researcher, Institute of East Asia
Since 2013 Researcher at CEFC and director of its Taipei office


Taiwan’s international status and boundaries

2014 “Les frontières de l’insularité taiwanaise. Étude géopolitique d’un cas de non-coïncidence entre frontières légales et frontières réelles,” in Bacot, Paul et Geslin, Albane, Insularité et sécurité. La sécurité des îles en question, Bruylant, 2014, pp. 227-264

2006 “Taiwan : naissance des frontières d’une démocratie insulaire,” Géoconfluences, July 2006

2005 “The Debate on the Adoption of a New Constitution in Taiwan and the Question of National Boundaries,” in A New Constitution for Taiwan, éditions 群策會, Taipei, January 2005, pp. 265-298

Taiwan as a subject of study and Taiwan’s geopolitical liminality

2012 « The liminality of Taiwan. A Case Study in Geopolitics », Taiwan in Comparative Perspective, Vol. 4., December 2012, pp. 34-64

2010 “Étudier ‘Taiwan’. Ontologie d’un laboratoire conservatoire,” Études chinoises, special feature 2010, Étudier et enseigner la Chine, pp. 235-260

Compared historical geopolitics of the Taiwan straits

2012 “Ma Ying-jeou’s China leaning Policy and the 1683 Fall of the Zheng in Taiwan: A Cross-Centuries Geopolitical Comparison,” in Peter Chow (ed), National Identity and Economic Interest: Taiwan’s Competing Choices and their Implications for Regional Stability, New York, Palgrave Macmillan, 2012, p. 93-132

Taiwan’s identity politics and the question of Mainlanders

2011 “Liminality and Taiwan Tropism in a Post-colonial Context. Schemes of National identification Among Taiwan’s ‘Mainlanders’ on the Eve of Kuomintang’s Return to Power », In Tak-wing Ngo and Wang Hong-zen, dir., The politics of difference in Taiwan, London, Routledge and Curzon, pp. 34-62 ; « Taiwan’s Mainlanders Under Chen Shui-bian. A shift from the Political to the Cultural? » In Schubert, Gunter, and Damm, Jens, dir., Taiwanese Identity in the 21st Century: domestic, regional and global perspectives, London, Routledge and Curzon, pp. 113-129

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2005 “History Textbooks, Identity Politics, and Ethnic Introspection in Taiwan. The June 1997 Knowing Taiwan Textbooks Controversy and the Questions It Raised on the Various Approaches to “Han” Identity,” in Vickers, Edward, and Alisa Jones (eds), History Education and National Identity in Asia, Routledge, New York, June 2005, pp. 133-169

PhD Thesis

A pluralistic national identification. Mainlanders and the national identity transition in Taiwan 1988-1997 (Paris Institute of Political Studies, 2000)

In the media

2014 “La restructuration du monde chinois, le début ?”, Éditorial du Réseau Asie, August 2014

2014 “Taiwan a-t-elle cessé d’être l’île rebelle ?”, Diplomatie magazine 68, May-June 2014, pp. 72-77

2014 “Que se passe-t-il dans le détroit de Taiwan ?”, Les grands dossiers de Diplomatie 20, April-May 2014, pp. 50-53