Tanguy Lepesant

Apart from being an associate researcher at the CEFC since 2011, Tanguy Lepesant is an associate professor at National Central University (Taiwan) where he teaches classes on Taiwanese geopolitics and identity theories. He received his PhD in geopolitics from the University Paris 8 in 2006. Since his PhD dissertation, his research interests have been mostly focused on Taiwanese youth (born in the 1980s and 1990s) socialization process, identity and political behaviour with a recent emphasis on environmental issues as a space for the building of a political consciousness among this generation. This research on Taiwanese youth has been published in a dozen of academic papers since 2004. Tanguy Lepesant also co-authored with Jean-Pierre Cabestan the book Taiwan’s will to fight and China, Taiwanese youth and the Chinese temptation, (2009, in French).