Terms and Conditions

1. Products

1.1 Types of products

The CEFC sells China Perspectives in electronic version. It is therefore possible to purchase:

  • Personal subscription (including electronic access to entire archive)
  • Institutional subscription (including electronic access to entire archive by IP recognition)
  • A single, electronic issue (PDF format)
  • A single, electronic article (PDF format)

1.2 Electronic Access

Electronic access to entire archive is given to every paying subscriber, personal or institutional, during the subscription period. Personal subscribers can obtain their username and initial password by sending an email to [email protected]. Institutional subscribers may contact [email protected] or [email protected] for IP recognition.

Subscribers are advised to read the following instructions before accessing the entire electronic archive:

  • This service is solely provided to personal subscribers and registered users of institutional subscribers.
  • Username and password are individual and must not be disclosed to others.
  • The entire content of the journal or any part thereof is protected by the publishers’ copyright.
  • Inter-institutional loan is NOT allowed (for institutions).
  • Each user can download or print one copy of an article for research or study purpose only. Any commercial use of articles or journal content by users or subscribers is strictly prohibited.
  • Quotation of content or articles should follow academic standards. Users/subscribers should not publish entire articles, or any part thereof, on any platform without the CEFC’s permission.
  • Content is allowed to be incorporated in course packs for educational purposes.
  • No user statistics will be provided to subscribing institutions by the CEFC.
  • Subscribers should observe the above confidentiality and non-disclosure obligations.
  • The rights granted under above terms terms and conditions cannot be transferred, rent and sold to other parties.

1.3 Cost

The price of each product may vary to take into account the inflation of production costs. The CEFC reserves the right to modify the prices displayed on the Subscribe page, with no impact on completed transactions or current subscription.


2. Payment

2.1 Means of payment

Payment must been made at the time of purchase if the client uses a credit card. His/her command is then immediately processed. If the client wishes to pay by bank transfer, the order will only be processed after reception of payment.

2.2 Currency of subscription

The currency used to determine the price of the item purchased by the client is United-States Dollars (USD).

2.3 Cancellation policy

The client can cancel its order until reception of payment by the CEFC. No reimbursement can be granted after the order has been processed.


3. Claims

Any claim can be made at +852 2876 6910 or [email protected].